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    Look 1 - A Down-to-Earth Elegance

    To show off TUSCAN's meticulously and delicately crafted details of the Roman Collection, I have styled it with a similar pattern long coat against a light weight dress. Why ? Because I love how the details from this bag is inspired by medieval court outfits, featuring heavily the cross-stitch motif. It’s dark mysterious navy leather is made of premium nappa leather with a with functional design featuring three roomy compartments for everyday use. It is a great alternative to black handbags with embroideries that are delicate and whimsical. For a more easy breezy touch, a pair of flat sandals can do this trick!


    Look 2 : Modern Chic Elegance

    A kind a off red that brings a romantic touch with black sheer embroideries. Its not the typical ruffles and Bow romantic, instead the simplicity of the clutch creates modern chic elegance. Its for ladies who knows what they want and takes control in their lifestyle. I love how off red stands out with the black and beige colour combination. 

    Look 3 : Noble Elegance with Halo

    For successful ladies who dare to give their workwear a pop of tasteful colour and a metal motif of Halo. It's true meaning of the metal motif (Halo) the ring of light around the head of a holy person in a religious drawing or painting. Where this motif brings an eye-catching detail with a part of your outfit. A slim pencil shape dress styled with a classic shape bag, that’s what brings out the best confident in you. Don’t be afraid to incorporate eye catching colours to add extra flare to a sophisticated look. 

    Look 4: Effortless Elegance

    A everyday Denim Flap Bag comes in different styles and sizes for different needs that can be worn with casual denim and a fun top but still brings out it’s uniqueness in colours.

    The Denim collection is the centrepiece of the collection. It's romantic hues of vegetable- tanned calfskin and premium nappa leather creates a contrasting texture that adds effortless elegance to any pattern. I personally really like the adjustable strap to position it right below the hips and TUSCAN's delicately crafted details on multifunctional pockets, studs and matelass. 

    Veronica Li aka vnikali, fashion stylist also founder. Life with devotion to fashion, and thus cultivate a philosophy of life with a unique taste and temperament had Canada and Japan to study and settle in very well covered in the fine arts, fashion, graphic design for multimedia; after returning reflux Hong Kong, the creation of a personal blog, choose to write about the topic of fashion and there are all sorts of interesting life.


    FW16 Collection - Homage to the Artisans