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    FW16 Collection

    FW16 Collection

    The ubiquitous beauty of Paris is picture-perfect in every sense. Here at every turn of the corner, the vistas are reminiscent of an exquisite fashion campaign. In my latest business trip to France, I captured every beautiful moment in photos that combine to form my style diary. While elegant and cozy outfits are key to a stylish look, a versatile and pragmatic handbag is also essential. A sophisticated handbag can elevate any look in an instant. During my one-week sojourn in the City of Light, 3 TUSCAN'S FW16 handbags summarized my beautiful and romantic Tale of the Continentalism.





    Day 1  La Tour Eiffel Under the Clear Sky

    In my first day in Paris I was greeted by the Eiffel Tower. The puffy white clouds billowing across the blue sky inspired my colour story of the day – I wore a white shirt and azure linen pants. To complete this French girl look, I carried the TUSCAN'S royal blue Halo Bag. The vintage-inspired Halo is a timeless doctor bag with spacious and convenient compartments that hold all essentials including camera, passport and mobile phone. Echoing the round metal closure, the glow ring on the bag evokes the halo of the saints in religious paintings.




    Day 2  Pastel Femininity

    I’m in love with the colour coordination of TUSCAN'S Denim Flap Bag. The soft and feminine palette of canyon rose and brown is touched up with the stylish and masculine wide strap and large silver buckles. I flirted with the gender bending aesthetic of TUSCAN’s Denim Flap Bag by pairing the hottest off-shoulder top with loose-fit boyfriend jeans.



    Day 3  Enjoy the Afternoon

    I love to spice up simple look with a colorful handbag. Today, I joined the Denim fad by pairing a clean boxy denim dress with the equally austere TUSCAN'S Halo Flap Bag in red for a flawless, understated look. I am particularly fond of its two-way design: the detachable strap enables it to be carried as a shoulder bag -- best for a stroll in Paris. Without the strap, it can be carried as a clutch. In the afternoons, the well-dressed Parisians savour the joie de vivre over a drink with friends.




    Zoe is a star fashion stylist, columnist and Blogger. She hosted VIP styling events & talks for many international brands. She is also invited to Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Helsinki etc for fashion week. She is now sharing our mix & match tips in Harpers's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan etc and her blog