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    Autumn Romance

    Autumn Romance

    Autumn is the perfect season to showcase my favorite style: retro romanticism. Bows, ruffles and bowler hats are some of the key ingredients for cooking up a nostalgically romantic outfit, but it would not be complete without a color palette that is reminiscent of autumn leaves.


    This burnt orange Bow satchel by Tuscan’s off its Tale of the Continentalism collection is inspired by the bow shape of 14th century attire. I love how vintage and feminine it looks and how pragmatic it is. Pairing it with a ruffle dress with cut out shoulder details and lace up shoes gives the look a contemporary spin.



    The Halo flap bag in brick red also draws reference from the bygone European era. The highlight of the classy design is the round metal ware that resembles a holy person's circle of light in religious paintings. Accessorizing the look with layers of chain necklaces can emphasis the religious accent and matching red hues with sugar mousse pink would never go wrong.



     This dusty pink and sunset yellow Denim flap bag may look sweet and chic, but the design actually takes inspiration from the back pocket of denim jeans. As the bag oozes a more casual vibe, I romanticize the outfit with the help of the burgundy tulle skirt and multiple bow crochet top.


    Although the color palette of fallen leaves is my first priority in Autumn and Winter, occasionally styling with darker tones or bright and bold hues can be refreshing. In these 3 outfits, I opted for city chic styles to juxtapose Tuscan's vintage inspired designs.


    The  Halo satchel is a timeless essential. Carrying it with a big coat makes me feel poised and assured. While it is the ideal bag for going to work with formal clothing, it can also a dressed down with jeans and casual outfits.



    The Homage to the Artisans collection celebrates the exquisite craftsmanship in the Renaissance period. This mustard yellow crossbody is named Seam crossbody, with details focusing on this indispensable artisanship in fashion. Matching it with powder blue lace skirt gives the look a vibrant, modern, feminine charm.



     With delicate stitching patterns perforated on the edge, the Roman flap bag exudes an artistic air but also a sense of fun with the eye-catching magenta color. Let her shine and pick understated colors for other items, like my antique rose sweater and jet black bottom.