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A  Brand
from Italy

The Italian city of Florence in Tuscany is the cradle of traditional Italian leather craftsmanship. The city has been home to some of the shiniest names in fashion for centuries. Embodying the romantic atmosphere of the terroir, TUSCAN’S lays claim to the rich leatherwork heritage of Florence. Tuscan’s entered China and Hong Kong marketing in 2011:

Italy – a cultural landmark that prides itself on master craftsmanship, classic design and romantic Latin heritage;

China – the world’s new centre of fashion with a taste for creative daring.

TUSCAN’S will spark off a transformation in style that puts personality and classic design to the fore.

of Tuscan's

In 1974, Mr Antonio Perrotti and Mr Giovanni Starnini co-founded TUSCAN’S in a bid to make a tasteful and stylish statement with premium leather. Their passion for tradition helped develop TUSCAN’S into a kingdom of leather goods which is now expanding into Far East, incorporating Italian attitude into Oriental style.

Secrets of

Northern Italy ends in Emilia. South of this borderline is the central region of Tuscany where the Apennines extend from the east coast to the west. Tuscany is almost entirely uplands. This topography has significant influence on the culinary tradition. Firstly, Tuscany is the most famous red wine producer in Italy. Secondly, olive trees are grown in huge numbers. In everyday cooking, butter is substituted by olive oil. Life under the glorious Tuscanian sun is pleasant and easy. Designers and artists brought up in this “Capital of Flowers” seem to be particularly gifted with a sense of aesthetics, and the succession of refined artisanship is in their blood. Handed down from generation to generation, the brand’s cultural disposition supports a pursuit of “classic” instead of “trendy” beauty. Etruscans, the highly civilized ancestors of modern Italians, first settled in Tuscany. The region was later ruled by different empires and nations. In the 11th century it became an affluent city and the leather industry of Tuscany was world famous. Today, the Toscana administrative region is the home of Italy's mid to high-end leather garment industries. Literally all Italian leather goods are produced in Tuscany. In 1985, CONSORZIO was formed to preserve and improve product quality, while safeguarding qualitative and quantitative excellence. The new “Tuscany leather” is an image ambassador. Tuscany tanned leather is a signature product of the region. Accounting for 80% of total leather output of Europe, the Tuscanian tannery industry is an irreplaceable world leader. nian tannery industry is an irreplaceable world leader.